How You Can Support My Year Studying Abroad

In just a couple short weeks from now, I’ll be finally  making the move to Scotland. Less than six months ago, I accepted an offer to study at the famed University of St. Andrews with some of the world’s greatest scholars in my field. I will spend one year there (from September to August), and at the end of my time, I will be awarded a Master’s degree in Analytic and Exegetical Theology. To afford this once in a lifetime opportunity, I have relied on loans, personal savings, and the generosity of many who have chosen to support my studies and my work for the kingdom. If you would like to join those people, I still have money that I need to raise.

I’m praying for God’s faithfulness through people like you. I hope you join me in prayer and can contribute to my future. If you would like updates on my fundraising goals or to know how you can give electronically (Cash App, Venmo, Go Fund Me, etc.), please contact me personally or use the form below.

Thank you so much for your time, your prayers, and your gifts.


Author: chandlerwarren

Pastor in rural Oklahoma. Educated in St. Andrews, Scotland.

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