What’s Going On

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post here. Last night I submitted my last essay for the term. I have two final exams in December, and then I’ll be halfway through my degree. Although I’m just a month from Christmas break and the wedding, I’ve got plenty to do in the mean time. This post is really just to describe what’s going on in my life for the next few weeks.


In terms of writing projects, I have plenty to do. I am working on several different papers to submit for publication and essay contests. (I’m currently reading Philosophical Fragments by Søren Kierkegaard over and over again, and I’d encourage everyone to give it a chance, with a helpful commentary by your side!) I’m also writing a book review for a blog affiliated with St. Mary’s College. And I’m reading for and writing my research proposal for PhD applications. And last, but certainly not least, I’m working on some new content for the website!

New Blog Content

Although this website has my name on it, I’d like to share content from other people. I’m not the only person doing research, ministry, or living life, so I thought it would be nice to talk to some other people about their experiences and thoughts on any and every topic that they can share on. Look forward to seeing some new interview content on the blog soon! If you know any interesting people that may want to share some of their thoughts on a given topic, please let me know!

I think that’s about all that is going on with me right now (besides spending time with friends and having American Thanksgiving in Scotland). Leave a comment or message me what’s going on in your life right now! And subscribe to the blog if you’re interested in seeing more content in the future! (You can do that to the right of this post.)


London, Friends, and Essay Writing

Last week the university had independent reading week which means I didn’t have class. Taking advantage of this freedom in my schedule, I spent a few days with friends in London. I returned to write an essay, and realized that I needed to change my topic just a few days before the due date. I just turned it in a couple nights ago. I hope I can catch up on sleep in the next few days.

After a six hour train ride across England, I arrived in London. Having spent the last couple months in a small town, I forgot how fast paced life can be. Immediately I became one of millions hopping on the tube from King’s Cross to a little borough in NE London where I stayed with some friends. They even had a piece of OBU for me to enjoy my coffee in…

I randomly, or providentially, attended The Village Church’s two year birthday service! It was great to celebrate a place and a gathering of people which was my home during a formational time in my life. Enjoy the pictures!

I don’t know who to credit for taking this, but it’s a great picture!

After a great Sunday with amazing people, Five Guys for lunch the next day, and a visit to the 30th floor of the Barclays Bank building, I went on the Christian Heritage Tour in London with an Oklahoman friend (who happens to be from London originally).

Francois’s first time at Five Guys.
View of the O2 from the bank building.
Joy, the Oklahoma from London visiting her homeland.
An image from John Newton’s church. There’s a cafe operating in the foyer.
A page from John Wesley’s personal journey in front of The Museum of London.
I had to get some Caffe Nero while in London.

After a fun, relaxing trip to see friends in London, I made my way back up the countryside to good ole Scotland. After getting some rest, I set about to get an essay written for the following Monday. I had done some reading and research while in London, but I realized Friday that I had to throw it all out. It wasn’t going to work. Providentially, I had received a free book from one of my professors that had some information related to the topic. I opened it hoping to find an essay that would connect. There it was. I read it. I disagreed with it. I wrote an essay about it, and I turned it in a couple nights ago. Now I just need to catch up on some sleep before the next one.