Translation Notes for 1 John 1:1-10

Vocabulary to Review/Learn before Translating (in order of appearance):

θεασάμεθα (22) see

ψηλάφησαν (4) touch; feel around for

κοινωνίαν (19) fellowship, participation; generosity, contribution

μετέρα (7) our

γγελία (2) message, command

ναγγέλλομεν (14) announce, report, tell

σκοτία (16) darkness

ψευδόμεθα (12) lie


What does ὃ refer to? How is best to translate it?


Parse ἐψηλάφησαν.


How do you translate χριστοῦ?


How do you translate δίκαιος and ἀδικίας?

Notice the subjunctives.

Author: chandlerwarren

Pastor in rural Oklahoma. Educated in St. Andrews, Scotland.

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